Scoutmaster WRIGHT – LEFT / RIGHT Christmas Game

Every December we do our end of year Court of Honor / Christmas party and our Scouts play the LEFT / RIGHT game.  I’m usually the narrator and I Google search for a story, looking for one with a Scout context.  This year I just made one up.  Hope it’s useful for someone else, we had fun with it!


Da Rulez:

Every member of the Troop that brings a present will sit in a circle facing inward, with their gift.  The narrarator will stand at the center of the circle and will read the story.  The scouts will pass the gift that they are holding to the LEFT or RIGHT when those directions are spoken during the story.  The story works best when you emphasize and accentuate the words LEFT and RIGHT, and then pause for effect and to wait for them to get themselves situated.  When there are a series of LEFTs and RIGHTs that are real close to each other, pause at the end of the series to allow maximum chaos as they try to figure out which way they are supposed to go.



Scoutmaster WRIGHT was running late for the troop’s Christmas party.  He looked on his LEFT wrist at his watch that Mrs WRIGHT had given him.  If he LEFT RIGHT now, he’d be able to just make it.  He took out a list to check, to make sure he had everything RIGHT.  To make sure he was prepared, Scoutmaster WRIGHT would often WRITE down lists to help keep things straight.  He needed to bring a gift, he looked at the door, and a gift was RIGHT where he had LEFT it.  Mrs WRIGHT was kind enough to wrap it for him earlier, she had noticed that he had forgotten to.  He looked at the list again, RIGHT there was something that he forgot.  He was supposed to bring food for the potluck.  He LEFT the table and went RIGHT over to the refrigerator and looked inside.  All that was in there was LEFTovers, so he asked Mrs WRIGHT to call the pizza place, that was RIGHT down the street and to the LEFT of where the meeting was.  He figured, if he LEFT now, he’d swing by the Pizza place and only be a little late.  Mrs WRIGHT suggested that she’d drive and drop him off at the party, and she’d pick up the food for him, since it was RIGHT down the street. So they quickly LEFT.  RIGHT when Mrs WRIGHT dropped off Scoutmaster WRIGHT, and LEFT for the pizza place,  the party started, RIGHT on time.  The Scout MC called the meeting to order and the Scouts, jumped RIGHT to.  They did everything RIGHT, from the flag ceremony, to the opening prayer.  Mrs WRIGHT showed up just in time with the pizza, and it must have been the RIGHT kind, because the scouts ate it RIGHT away, nothing was LEFT.  As the meal was finished, and all of the LEFTovers were put away, the Scout’s started their gift exchange.  Scoutmaster looked around LEFT and RIGHT, where did he put the gift?  Oh no, he LEFT it RIGHT by the door…  he LEFT it RIGHT there so that he wouldn’t forget it but when was in such a hurry, he LEFT it anyway.  Scoutmaster WRIGHT didn’t know what to do, but RIGHT then, MRS WRIGHT came in from the car.  She had seen the gift and had done the RIGHT thing.  When she LEFT the house she had seen that he had LEFT the gift, so she brought it with her.  She also brought the list that he had LEFT on the table, so much for being prepared.   Merry Christmas, everyone!  Open your gifts!