Eagle Service Project Coach

This powerpoint was posted to the web last month on Scouting.org and it describes, in pretty thorough detail, what a Eagle Scout Service Project Coach should be.  While, I suppose this should have been self evident with a cursory reading of the Guide to Advancement 2013, I guess I just glossed over it and assumed it was a unit level position, kind of like the Life to Eagle Mentor that we use.

ImageThe information is excellent and well thought out, and in theory looks like a great addition to the ways that the Scouts can associate with Adult leaders, but I don’t know if I’m just getting cynical in my old age or if my District is a little behind the curve, but I have a little trouble seeing this cache of trained and willing volunteers that are willing to serve throughout the district for short term stints as a coach to Eagle candidates.

I hope I’m wrong, and this is something that I see implemented in the near future, because correctly done, I think this could be an outstanding position (I’d like to serve after I retire a few of my current positions in a few years!)

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