Scouting Ministry

Baptist BadgeI recently attended an online webinar called “Baptist Scouting Ministry:  Growing & Retaining Membership in Baptist Churches” that was hosted by P.R.A.Y. (Programs of Religious Activities with Youth) and conducted by R. Chip Turner.  PRAY is the organization that is responsible for much of the Catholic / Protestant / Jewish curriculum that is recognized by the BSA for youth that are interested in earning their Religion Square Knot.  Chip Turner is the Chair of BSA Religious Task Force among other roles within and without Scouting.

The Webinar starts off by giving perspective of the Baptist Church’s role in Scouting (very active, although I wonder what the current recharter rates are?)  It also addresses the current membership controversy, both from BSA’s National Council as well as the resolution from the 2013 Annual SBC National Meeting.  It addresses specific roles and avenues in which the BSA and the Church can partner in the program and even briefly talks about BSA’s plans to strengthen their partnership with Faith Based Organizations.

There’s really much more than I can go over in a brief posting, but I do want to recommend the hour presentation for any Scouters or ministry workers that would like a bird’s eye perspective of how effective a BSA curriculum can be when partnered with an active congregation.

My biggest take away, and what I’m sharing with my pastor and leadership team is the part of the conversation that addressed the “12 Key Items that Baptists Want to Hear“.  I’ve summarized it in the attached PDF, using their Power Point pages.

To hear the Webinar in it’s entirety, you’ll have to do a quick registration here: or you can view the powerpoint here:

For a listing of all of PRAY’s current webinar recordings, go to:

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