Scoutmaster Specific Training

ImageLast month I conducted Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Training for our District.  Well, ostensibly it was for the District, but for whatever reason, only volunteers from our Troop came to be trained.

This training, if you haven’t gone through it yet, is pretty straight forward.  I’ve taught it a few times and have just used the canned Power Point slides and the companion DVD.  This time, however, I came across the resources used by Cardinal District, within the Heart of Virginia Council.  Essentially it is the same training, but they added a couple of essential pieces that really add to the training.

I’ve listed the official outline of the class below, if you are interested and the official power point is HERE.  The Cardinal District Trainer, however, added slides to enhance the subject matter being covered.  What they’ve added is an emphatic emphasis on the concept of the Boy Led Troop Using the Patrol Method and the use of EDGE in our training approach.

As I went through their slides in preparation, I didn’t feel the need to remove or change anything (except Council / District names).  I know they are supposed to change all of this up next year, but for this year, I suggest any trainers for this out there to at least take a look at what they have put together.  Here’s their slides:

Session 1   Session 2   Session 3

I don’t know if I’d use these videos from YouTube, as they are low res, but for reference, these are the ones for the training:

Scoutmaster Specific Training Videos

Here’s the official training syllabus


Scoutmaster / Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Training Outline

Session One: Getting Started: The Role of the Scoutmaster in a Boy-Led Troop
• Welcome and Participant Introductions
• Course Overview
• The Role of the Scoutmaster
• Troop Organization
• Troop Meetings
• Working with Boy Leaders – The Patrol Method
• Patrol Leader’s Council
Session Two – Lighting the Fire: The Outdoor Program and Advancement Program
• Introduction
• Sizzle of the Outdoor Program
• Nuts and Bolts of the Outdoor Program
• Outdoor Program Patrol/ Group Activity
• Reflection
• Advancement Program
Session Three – Keeping It Going: Program Planning and TroopAdministration
• Introduction
• Program Planning
• Membership
• Paperwork
• Finances
• The Uniform
• Other Training Opportunities
• Summary and Closing

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