Be Prepared: How to Light a Wet Match

I just ordered and received a book from the UK Scouting Association called Be Prepared: How to Light a Wet Match and 199 Other Useful Things to Know.  It’s a bit of a novelty, not exactly helpful…  more interesting.  First, it’s geared for UK Scouts, so the language is a little different.  Also, there are some things, like catching eels, that aren’t that useful here in Florida.  It kind of reminds me of the American Boys Handy Book which was written by Dan Beard and originally published in 1882 and republished in 2010.  Be Prepared is forwarded by Bear Grylls and consists of 200 diversions or activities from earlier publications dating back to the origins of scouting.

The “Things to Know” ranged from how to sharpen a knife using a flower pot, to how to create your own sandals to how to properly vault a fence.  Some things were a little dated, so while interesting, weren’t useful, such as how to keep the tongue of your leather boots from slipping (haven’t seen comparable boots like those illustrated since the Army in 1990) and other things were not useful for me here in Florida, like the aforementioned eel catching (hold it behind the head and thump its tail and it will quit wriggling!)

While it’s not something that I’d give to the PLC to use as a planning resource, it is an excellent book for bathroom reading, as each activity is about a page long and you any page you open the book to is randomly interesting.

If these types of books are of interest to you, you might want to wait till it comes out in paper back or kindle, as it is a bit pricey.  Also, check out The Dangerous Book for Boys, which is my personal favorite of these types.

Note:  I don’t receive any compensation from Amazon or the publishers for endorsements or links or whatever.