Zombie Movie

Zombie PatrolOur May Campout was supposed to be this final conclusion to our Zombie theme that we had running through the year so far.  In January we had a Geocaching type campout where they had to find Z0M-B formula in the woods by GIS coordinates.  The youth planted the packages, came up with the story, planned the campout and had a great time.  February we had a night hike where they followed the glow in the dark blood trail of Zombies through the woods created by Glow sticks and sawdust.  In April they practiced capturing zombies, treating their wounds and then administering the experimental (Coca-Cola in a vial) cure (you have to dress wounds prior to bringing them back to life I was told, other wise the injuries could kill them!) and in May they were supposed have an obstacle course in which they lured legions of the undead to a capture point where they would administer the cure and save the world….  but stuff happened.  Time got short and with summer camp looming in a week, attendance was sparse.  So the youth leaders called an audible in the last couple of weeks prior to the campout.  The services of Michael Davy, Special Effects expert, had already been secured for the Zombie horde, so with that in mind, we borrowed a bunch of video equipment and one of the boys wrote out a script and they turned the event into a Cinematography campout.  Since that campout our troop has been to Summer Camp, served at Cub Scout Day Camp and went on a 50 miler down the Suwannee River.  Somehow in that time, Jacob, our new SPL was able to edit and put together a trailer for the short movie that they have scripted.


Note:  the only adult involvement on this project was by reading lines and Mr Davy’s makeup magic.  Everything else was done by scouts aged 16 and under.

One thought on “Zombie Movie

  1. Very cool theme for the year! Going to have to share this idea to help other units get their youth to understand planning out a year.

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