Don’t Leave Yet – Reblogged from Adventures and Accidents

I know this has been talked about Ad Nauseum, but I wanted to reblog this as it is precisely to the point!

Don’t leave yet.

The other day I read this article about an upcoming vote by the Southern Baptist Convention on whether or not to abandon Scouting after the recent change in membership policy. According to the article, it is a sure thing.

I have already posted (here and here) about my thoughts regarding the new membership policy. I won’t go over the whole thing again but, in short, I believe the new policy actually defines homosexual behavior as immoral and contrary to the values of Scouting. (And groups can exclude members based on inappropriate or immoral behavior.) I don’t see a problem moving forward with this policy.

I do, however, understand why others want to leave. I applaud those who will stand by their values even if it means ending long-standing friendships and associations. But, I really think that those who have declared an intention to leave the BSA need to re-think that decision.

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