Planning Meeting for the Planning Meeting

Just met this week with the Committee Chair and the Treasurer for the Pre-Planning Meeting for the Pack’s Annual Planning Meeting and I feel a lot better about the process going into this year than I did about going into the last year.

I’m a big believer that people do better with planning if they use a template rather than a blank sheet of paper so we got together and went through the calendar for next year.  The plan is to present this as a tentative plan to the rest of the Pack Parents and Committee Members at the actual Annual Planning Meeting for edits and approval.

It went fairly smoothly as we were prepared with all of the necessary resources.  Also, it is easier to build consensus on things with only 3 people spitting out ideas. Our process was to start with a blank calendar (printed from Microsoft Outlook) and then went through all of the other calendars one month at a time.  For fundraisers and Scouting for Food, etc we even backtracked to set responsibilities for Round Table meetings and planning meetings.  For weekends with conflicting activities or Council Campouts with multiple weekends to choose from we made executive decisions.  We then went through the Pack Meeting plans for the month to identify needed speakers or events and also to identify the theme and the suggested belt loops for that month.

As we present this to the rest of the Pack, we will accompany the tentative plan along with the resources that we used to build it and hopefully reduce the planning time of what goes on the calendar and focus more during that meeting on “Who” will run various aspects of the Pack’s program. I expect that there will be mostly discussion on alternative weekends for campouts and alternative suggestions for Belt Loops.  For great information on how to plan the Annual Planning Meeting for your pack, check out BSA’s resource: as well as my post on this issue from last year:

Our Resources for Planning:

Council Calendar for the Upcoming year
District Calendar for the Upcoming YearSchool Calendar of Holidays, breaks, etc.
Holiday Calendar (I can never remember when Easter is!)
Chartered Org Calendar of Events
Last Year’s Pack Calendar
Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide