Scout Direct

I don’t get paid to blog.   Matter of fact, I don’t even pay for the website, it’s a free service from, that’s why sometimes you see the odd advertisement down at the bottom.  It’s a hobby and probably a little bit of a vanity thing and it’s something that I like to use to kind of remind myself of where I’ve been, so that a few months, years, whatever, I can look back and say…  “What was I thinking?”  Kind of a journal or diary.

I’m  a firm believer that experience is the best teacher, and someone else’s experience is a great road map.  Hopefully, this blog will help someone with the program, maybe spark an idea for something to use or maybe expose  the foolishness of some of my misadventures or misguided intents so that you don’t fall into the same pitfall or rut.

Anyhow, here’s a resource that I haven’t seen get much play out there, and I’m not sure why.  I’ve used them a couple of times in the past with great success.  They don’t compensate me in any way, nor have they sanctioned this endorsement (they may ask me to remove it?)

Alps Mountaineering has a Scout Program called Scout Direct.  As a member of Scouting, you can buy their camping and outdoors equipment for a fraction of the retail costs.  The purchasing process is a little klunky compared to the sleek website of their retail store, but they keep the costs down and pass the savings on to the Scouts, so I’m ok with a little klunk.  (Thanks for supporting Scouting, Alps!)

To purchase from Scout Direct, you first have to register with them.  They’ll send you an email with a price list.  Also, on their website you can find their “Sales Items” which includes their Salesman Samples.  If you are like me, your brain has been conditioned to see a picture next to the price, and then to add to cart.  With these guys, if you want to see the picture, you have to go to one of their websites to see the product.  So you’ll have to do a little research to figure out what is best for you.

Furthermore, on their website they have an FAQ page that gives you an education on a lot of things you may or may not have known about the differences between zipper choices, product info, etc.

Check them out, they may be of use to your unit.

ALPS Mountaineering – Camping and Backpacking Line
ALPS OutdoorZ – Hunting Line
Browning Camping – Camping and Hunting Line
Cedar Ridge –
ScoutDirect – Scout Specific Website

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