Cooking over the Campfire

We formed our new troop last month and we had to start afresh with troop equipment.  Due to limited funds and a commitment to get “back to the basics” we decided to forgo gas / propane stoves for the patrols (at least for the time being) and commit to Dutch Ovens and cooking over the campfire.

Upon recommendation of a couple of trusted bloggers and websites, we did go ahead and purchase a Littlebug Senior stove for each patrol.  We had our first campout last week and the scouts actually had rave reviews for the stoves as it was much more entertaining for them to tend fires rather than simply watching a propane / gas stove as they wait for water to boil.

When we first opened up the stoves at a troop meeting a couple of ASMs, upon seeing the simplicity of the stove design, remarked that they could have easily have crafted these stoves.  As they are both craftsmen skilled in metalwork, etc.  I have no doubt of their claims, but as the price seemed reasonable and delivery was prompt, I have no regret of our purchase.

Interestingly though, in another example of how nothing is new under the sun, I came across these instructions for Scouts on how to build a stove very similar to the Littlebug in the March 1950 issue of Boy’s Life Magazine.


I’m going to ask those same ASMs to instruct our scouts on building these so that we can have some backup stoves.  Also, I came across this broiler in the same issue that I’d love to have for Troop gear, because there is nothing better than a good steak on a campout.


Click on the images to be brought to the issue of the Boy’s Life with better resolution, etc.


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