103rd Anniversary of Scouting

Today, February 8th, is the official anniversary date for Boy Scouts of America. This is generally celebrated across America by Troops and Packs with Scout Sunday or Sabbath Observations on the Sunday prior or the Saturday following this date.  Packs hold generally hold Blue and Gold celebrations this month to commemorate the event and some Troops elect to have Court of Honors in February for the same reason.  Another notable date this month is Founders Day, Feb 22nd commemorating Baden Powell’s Birthday (1857).

I’ve been reading through old Boy’s Life magazines and thought today would be appropriate to post this bit of trivia.  This was printed in the first issue / first volume of Boy’s Life dated March 1911 just as they finished with the first year of Boy Scouts of America.  I find it interesting to read where the movement started as I observe where we are and where the advocates say we are headed.  You can click on the graphic to go to a somewhat more readable PDF of the scan or you can go straight to the book here:  Boy’s Life   (You’ll have to scroll to page 34 though, as I couldn’t figure out how to get you directly to the page!)

Boy Scout Movement 1911

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