Green Bar Bill

I’ve been reading the Handbook for Patrol Leaders, World Brotherhood Edition that was given to me by another Scouter.  While I have nothing against the current Patrol Leader Handbook, it has nothing on the depth of information in the earlier edition.

This was one of the Handbooks that was written by “Green Bar” Bill, who from what I understand, was a wonderful Scouter and very important in the development of the Boy Scouts of America.  What I can’t seem to understand is, as prolific as this man was in writing handbooks and articles, etc., how come there isn’t more out there as a help and resource for those of us that weren’t part of that generation?  Even the Scout Dump, which is a great resource, is unusually quiet.  While I understand that time has moved on and we can’t do everything the same, much of what he talked about is still relevant.

So, in looking for stuff, most of what I’ve found is on Google Books and published in Boy’s Life.  There’s a treasure trove of neat things to pick through as you read early copies of the magazine.  I’d love one day to see an edited copy of the works of “Green Bar” Bill from Boy’s Life, compiled into a single volume, but until then, I’m weeding through the online copies, looking for gems.

I’m not a lawyer, never played one on TV, but my understanding of copyright law puts Boy’s Life magazine’s early editions square into Public Domain.  With that in mind, I wanted to serve up the first article of Hiking with Green Bar Bill – Oct 1932

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