Prepared. For Life.

I’ve seen this advertised on a number of blogs and really didn’t pay much attention to it.  I don’t generally watch a lot of television and especially don’t pay much attention to reality shows but there’s something about this one.

This episode of Undercover Boss features the Chairman and CEO of Kampgrounds of America who goes around a number of KOA properties and interacts with various employees.  The CEO, Jim Rogers, is a Eagle Scout.  The way he treats people, the way he deals with situations and the way he talks about how Scouting was so formative to who he is and what he believes is pretty inspirational.  As I watched it, I wondered if any of his Scout Leaders of old happened to tune in and if so, how much pride they must feel to have been a part of his life.

This episode is what I hope for all of the boys that go through the Scouting program.  That the ideals of Scouting become ingrained in them as they grow to be men and that they make this world a better place because of it.

2 thoughts on “Prepared. For Life.

  1. Thanks. I’m an Assistant Scoutmaster in Utah, with responsibilities over what we colloquially call “eleven-year-old Scouts,” and I often wonder if I have any lasting effect on the boys once they “age out” of my group and Scouting becomes more of something we give lip service to. This serves as a poignant reminder to keep a long view, and that we’ll likely never really know the end result of our efforts, but to keep it up anyway.

    1. Compared to many, I’m a relative new comer in Scouting, but still I’ve been in long enough to be humbled by my participation in the lives of the boys that we serve. Just the difference in maturity from 11 year olds to Patrol Leader or Senior Patrol Leader staggers me. Sometimes I feel that I’m too close to it and force myself to take the long view and evaluate not where the scout is but where he’s come from and when I do, I’m always taken back by what this program offers and what good young men we are coaching.

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