I sure wish I would have read this earlier today. They encapsulate everything that I wanted to say about why churches need to charter units… except they nailed it!

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UPDATED – February 24, 2014

As a homeschooling family, we’ve been to a lot of homeschool conferences and done our share of networking on the internet at forums, through web sites and blogs.  One conversation that continually wrinkles my forehead and causes me to squint my eyes in puzzlement begins like this;

“My wife and I are looking for an activity program for our (fill in age) year old to get them outside, interested in exploring nature and keeping them physically fit…Somethinglike boy scouts, but with aChristianfocus”

In short, is there a “Christian Alternative” to Boy Scouts of America?  Absolutely!

  • Prior to January 2013, I would have responded that the ideal “Christian Alternative to Boy Scouts” was simply Boy Scouts of America…when chartered to either a Christian homeschool association or a church that actively partners with the scouts instead of merely loaning them a basement…

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