Survival Squad

I’ve been reading books from a series called the “Survival Squad”.  It’s based on a British Scout Patrol and the (mis)adventures that they get themselves into.    There are a couple of tricky language issues with the British usage of words, but it is thoroughly enjoyable fiction for the younger Boy Scout aged kid!   The books of the series start off with the formation of the Patrol, how the Patrol Members learn to work together as a team and how various Scout Skill sets and strengths are used.  At the end of each book is a recap of the Scout Skills covered in the book.  The stories cover things real things like worrying about what friends think about the uniform and parents forcing kids to be a scout against their ways as a matter of course and in a believable way that  lend to the realism of the series.  So far there are only a few books in the series, but the Tiger Patrol (Survival Squad) have taken on Orienteering, Search and Rescue, Bicycle Touring, and Whitewater Rafting.  Even though this is Juvenile Fiction, I recommend the series to adult leaders, to remind us of the adventure that our Scouts signed up for.

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