It was a banner year for the Eagle Scout last year. Bryan on Scouting posted the official (as of today) numbers of 57,976 new Eagle Scouts last year. Congratulations to all of the new Eagles! (Especially to my oldest son and the other 2 scouts in our troop that earned Eagle last year!) I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings, there were a bunch of scouts in our troop that were geared up in 2012, but didn’t quite finish. Should be a great crop of new Eagles this year as well!  – Mike

Bryan on Scouting

For Eagle Scouts and their fans, 2012 was the gift that keeps on giving.

We spent all year celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Arthur Rose Eldred becoming the first Eagle Scout. We got scientific evidence of what I’m calling “the Eagle Scout effect.”

And now, just this morning, comes news that more boys earned Eagle in 2012 than in any year in the award’s history.

A whopping 57,976 new Eagle Scouts joined the ranks last year, surpassing the previous high mark of 56,176 in 2010.

The 2012 total represents a 12.6 percent increase over the size of 2011’s class (51,473).

To me, a record-setting Eagle class is proof that Scouting remains alive and well as we settle into the movement’s second century. And it represents the nationwide impact of nearly 58,000 young men who know what honor, loyalty, and hard work really mean. Not to mention nearly 58,000 Eagle service projects that…

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