Patrol Leader Training

BSA Training ContinuumIn previous posts I’ve talked about Introduction of Leadership Skills Training – Troop, which I’m actually a very big fan of.  The new version is a tremendous upgrade, in my opinion, to the older trainings that I’ve facilitated, and I think they lead well into NYLT and other training opportunities.

In the beginning of the ILST training, the facilitator is informed :

“The first step in Scouting leadership training is introducing the Scouts to the positions they have agreed to fill. This introduction is an important occasion to give new Scout leaders the clear message that they have the ability to handle the position, that they are trusted, and that they can get all of the support and guidance they need to succeed. The introduction gives the Scout leaders an immediate overview of their obligations and opportunities as leaders and sets them off on the right foot toward success.”

Part of my charm is my ability to dissect an innocuous statement like this and obsess about how to perform this duty…  So, I’ve performed an internet search to see if there was another obsessive soul that has already created “Youth Leader Specific Training” and there’s not a ton out there, which leads me to believe that I’m probably over complicating things.

So in the spirit of over complicating things that have been working just fine for over a hundred years, I’ve come up with a syllabus that I hope sometime, for someone, will prove to be somewhat useful.  Most of the document comes from a power point presentation found on that I’ve added to, edited and reformatted.  I’ll break this out before the next ILST session, hopefully I can get through it in a meaningful way with my Patrol Leaders in under an hour.  If not, I’ll probably edit it down some more.

The goal of the syllabus was to not come up with anything original, staying true to the scouting program.  I follow along pretty reliably with the Patrol Leader Handbook, which I’ll have the Scouts follow along as we go through.  Hopefully, they’ll realize that this is a resource that they can turn to in the future if they have questions or want clarification.

I’ll look at SPL training next, but I would imagine that the other Troop Positions will be more nuanced with the make up of the specific troop being served, so will be more difficult to pin down.

Anyhow, here’s the document:  Patrol Leader Training

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