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Four Steps to Scout Advancement – A Scout is Reveiwed

by Clarke Green on December 11, 2012 in Adult Leader Training,Advancement,Aids To Scoutmastership

Fourth in a series of articles about the four steps to Scout Advancement. Articles will be published each Tuesday beginning November 20, 2012 

After a Scout has completed all of the requirements for any rank he is reviewed twice; once in a Scoutmaster conference and once at a Board of review.

The Scoutmaster Conference

Note that a Scout must participate or take part in a conference; it is not a “test.” Requirements do not say he must “pass” a conference. While it makes sense to hold one after other requirements for a rank are met, it is not required that it be the last step before the board of review… The conference can provide a forum for discussing ambitions and life purpose and for establishing goals for future achievement, but work left to be completed may be discussed just as easily as that which is finished. Unit Leader (Scoutmaster) Conference [Guide to Advancement 2011]

The Scoutmaster conference is a visit between the Scoutmaster and a Scout held each time the boy completes the requirements for a rank. It is a valuable opportunity to discuss his activity in the troop and his understanding and practice of the ideals of Scouting. Together they can set goals not only in Scouting but also in his family, school, and community. A Scout taking part in a Scoutmaster conference will be able to determine if he is ready to go before the board of review. The Scoutmaster can also encourage a boy’s advancement in Scouting by reviewing with him the requirements for his next rank. The Scoutmaster conference can be used as a counseling tool at any time and for a variety of other reasons

The Scoutmaster Conference [Scoutmaster Handbook, No. 33009]

Scouts will probably be a little apprehensive about something called a ‘Scoutmaster’s conference’. How would you feel if you were summoned to a ‘supervisor’s conference’ at work or a ‘teacher’s conference’ at school?

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