Project Management Merit Badge(s)

project-managementA year or so ago I came across an article about how PMI (Project Management Institute) was looking to propose a Merit Badge specifically for Project Management.  As I manage projects for a living, this piqued my interests and I’ve been keeping an eye out for it ever since.  I was kind of hoping since all of these new Merit Badges were being announced, that we’d see it come across, but no luck…

Now, I’m smart enough to know that this would not be a fan favorite.  It would be a lot of work, a lot of information and probably couldn’t be completed over a 5 day summer camp, but I would like to see it, even if just to see BSA formalize project management training and then I could use this as I coach and mentor scouts.

I don’t do well with waiting for stuff to happen, so I have compiled a few of the resources that are currently available from BSA.  The Personal Management Merit Badge, which many people confuse as simply being a Personal Finance effort, actually contains quite a bit about Project Planning and Time Management.   Likewise, the Family Life Merit Badge contains a lot of information about Planning and Management. Also there are a number of Merit Badges that require projects, to give the scouts practice with some minor efforts.  Maybe the powers that be  consider this enough training for Scouts?

Merit Badges, along with Introduction to Leadership Skills Training, Trainer’s EDGE, NYLT training should round out quite a bit when it comes to being an effective project manager.

Accompany all of this information and training along with the skill set that a Patrol Leader will earn by working towards the National Honor Patrol or a Senior Patrol Leader gets when organizing troop function and direction, or a Troop Guide gets when directing younger scouts to First Class, and really, by the time a boy starts working on his Eagle Project, he’s had every opportunity to perfect his craft… which is kind of the point.

Me?  I’d still like it all in one place…  good thing I’m not in charge!

Merit Badge Resource Excerpts:

Merit Badge Service Projects
Project Planning and Time Management
Family Life Planning and Management Lessons