Dear Santa…

Last campout we found that many of our scouts were neglecting to bring their Scout Essentials, probably because they haven’t really used them or needed them and have relied on supplies in the trailer if they needed something.  So this week I wanted to help scouts prepare for the upcoming program so I printed this out, read it to them for my Scoutmaster’s Minute and gave them all a copy:

Dear Santa,

While I am a little bit weirded out about you watching me all the time and keeping that creepy list of all the stuff I mess up on, as well as how you break into my house every year when everyone is asleep and steal our milk and cookies, I am kind of cool with you dropping off all the stuff under the big tree that shows up every year in my living room…

I am attaching a list to this note, to make sure you know what kind of stuff I’d like to see this year and to let you know that YOU ROCK!!!, for making the trip to my house.  I know you are busy, that your factory’s probably over taxed with requests as it is, what with all of the prices at Wal-Mart going up lately and the ongoing competition with Black Friday sales (and now Gray Thursday), and I know it can’t be great riding around all night on Christmas Eve, especially with all the great movies and cartoons you are missing on TV and I’m sure traffic is crazy and the Missus is probably going to be ticked off if you are late again…  By the way, as fast as you travel, with all that wind blowing back at you, with all of those animals in front of you… shouldn’t you install a windshield or something on that sleigh?  Sounds like you are a elf prank and a bowl of chili away from a reindeer disaster that even dry cleaning won’t be able to handle.

So anyways, in addition to my two front teeth, ridiculously expensive electronics, junk that I’ll never play with after December 26th and the other stuff on my list, I wanted to make sure you knew what I need to have all of my Scout Essentials.  These can be found in detail in the Scout Handbook on page 264 and include a pocket knife, first aid kit, extra clothing, rain gear, water bottles, flashlight, trail food, matches and fire starters, sun protection and compasses, also great stuff to have is insect repellant, a whistle and sun screen.

Also, while you are at it, on page 292 of the Scout Handbook is a great list of Camping Essentials that I need to make sure I have in addition to the Scout Essentials.  This list includes a Backpack to store everything with a rain cover, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and ground cloth, a mess kit, a clean up kit, a watch, camera, notebook and pen, fishing pole and gear and maybe some other stuff that I’m always needing for campouts.  I know this is a lot, and I can borrow some of it from the troop this year and get the rest next year, or maybe do some chores to earn money so I can buy it myself, but I wanted to thrifty and make sure you knew about it.

Thanks and tell your friend the weird rabbit that lays eggs every spring at my house, “Hi” for me!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Your Friend,
A thrifty Scout

Here’s a pdf version:  Scout Christmas List

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