When do we vote?

(Note:  This has nothing to do with the recent elections!) I’ve really been spread thin lately, trying to juggle too many things.  But the season of busy-ness is near a close and I had a moment so I thought I’d offer a new post as it has been a while.  One of the things I’ve been juggling is that I am acting as a Unit Organizer, bring a new troop to the church where I’m a member and serve.

As an Organizer, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching the way things are laid out officially and trying to gather the information, summarize it and present it to people that may or may not have experience with Scouting.  I’m also trying to organize the new Unit’s operations so that we hit the ground running when the New Charter goes into effect at the beginning of the year.

One of the issues I’m trying to get past is what it means when something is delegated.  I understand that when I read something, if there is any area for interpretation I’ll probably interpret it in a way consistent with my viewpoint and preferences, which is probably different than others view things.  So in areas that are ambiguous, I’m trying to clarify my understanding with others, so that we are all on common ground as decisions are made, hence this topic.

One of the things that was brought up was, why can’t ASMs / SMs vote in committee.  They are mostly present at Committee Meetings and always represented, so why not a vote?  In reseaching this, I’ve retaken the Troop Committee Challenge, looked at the syllabus for the class, checked with the Troop Committee Guidebook and looked through out scouting.org for an insight to the voting policies of the Committee.

As these kind of exercises seem to do, it has actually offered a larger question…  why does the committee need to vote?  I’ve sat in many committee meetings where everything is voted on, from the smallest detail to the annual budget, so I understand that there’s an expectation by some that Robert’s Rules of Order needs to be enforced with motions, seconds and confirmation when the troop wants to do something, but I can’t find that anywhere in BSA’s stuff.

So I posed the question to the new CO Rep and the new Chair:  If the new Scoutmaster (me) provides the program needs, the Chair recruits and trains volunteers and the CO Rep approves of the volunteer and confers upon them the authority to do the job asked of them, why do we need to vote?  Because you always vote on budgets, at least… right?

So I posed the question, if the volunteer authorized to act on behalf of the Chartered Organization is trusted to do the job submits numbers for their area of responsibility, actively communicates with the Committee Chair, is supervised on fiscal matters by the Treasurer, why would a vote by the Committee be needed?

I’m not sure there is ever a reason to vote?

I summarized this process here (with a pretty chart!) :  Decision Making for the Troop Committee

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