PLC Perspectives

Our troop had PLC last night.  We’ve just started a new term, new leaders were elected and this was their first time together.  To make things worse, because of a scheduling conflict the new SPL elected to change the venue…  to my house, with all of the distractions of a new place + I served Pizza rolls to make things more difficult.

It was crazy…  There wasn’t enough room at the table, kids talking over each other, getting off topic, giggling, diving for food, random interruptions, the stuff you get whenever you get a group of young teenagers together.  It was not a meeting of the board, and Robert’s Rules of Order were no where to be seen… but  I loved it!

You’d think with all of this going on, I’d be complaining today…  just the opposite.  The last SPL had prepped the new SPL prior to the meeting on how to get things done, and then attended the meeting as well, just to help out if needed.   More scouts showed up and contributed than expected.  They had an agenda, which they got through.  They debated, discussed and decided on the upcoming month’s program.  They showed initiative and worked together, and most of all they had fun!   When was the last time you’ve gone to a business meeting and left with a smile on your face excited to get to work?  It’s moments like these where I cherish being a Scoutmaster.

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