Philmont Log

A couple of things that I have left over from Philmont on my to do list is to A:  Publish my hiking log in case it might be fruitful for posterity and B: publish my GPS trek info for posterity and for my fellow trek members that asked for it.  As I’m beyond procrastinating, I figured I’d get A done, and plug in the GPS later this weekend (hopefully) and finish up with B soon after.  I’ve never done a trail log before, so was kind of winging it, and the info that I recorded changed from day to day, but here’s what I wrote:


Crew 714M3 – Itinerary 27

Sunday – 7/15/2012
Left Philmont in a bus arrived at Ponil Turnaround about 4pm
Departed Turnaround @ 4:17pm
Arrived at Sioux @ 5:43
– We missed the final turn by a little, I wasn’t paying attention, then tried to help and gave bad advice which luckily was ignored.
– Worked with the Naviguessor, Identified tomorrow’s trail, pointed out land features, had him explain to crew leader and another member to help him tomorrow.

Wakeup – 5:30
Depart Sioux 6:57
Arrival Ponil 7:36
Burro Training 8:10
– Learned how to pack, feed, treat and motivate burro
Depart Ponil 10:54
Passed Dean Cutoff 11:22
Passed Flume Canyon Sign 12:24
Arrived Pueblano 1:05
– Started Raining as we passed Flume canyon, didn’t want to get too hot so didn’t put on rain gear – FROZE!  Naviguessor & Crewleader did a good job picking out the landmarks (camps & stream crossings).  Missed the evening programs (spar poles) because of the rain.  Scouts played loggerball and won!  Campfire was extremely well done w/ great musicians & folksongs

Wakeup 6:30
Sparpole program 7:30(I was second fastest in the crew!)
Jacob (my kid) got up in 2:54 – my time was 1:09
Depart Pueblano 10:01
Arrive beginning of Baldy Skyline 11:20
11:40 – 12:40 Lunch @ Baldy Skyline
2:20 Arrive Miranda Stables
2:49 Depart Miranda Stables
3:20 Arrive Miranda Porch
4:20 Depart Miranda @ 16.69 Trip Miles
4:42 Arrive Ute Meadows @ 17.31 Trip Miles
– Past the Baldy Skyline the turn was not expected from what the map indicated.  Anthon called attention to it, James made a good call.  The burros were great, boys got done early.  A Bear ate a backpack of another crew the night before we got to Ute Meadows, site 9 was closed down from bear damage – good spirits, feet are sore

4:07 Wakeup – Everyone over slept!
5:18 Depart Ute Meadowns – 17.79 Trip Miles
6:02 Enter Baldy Town 17.72 Trip Miles
6:24 Baldy Main Cabin 19.52 Trip Miles
7:22 Leave Baldy Town
10:34 Arrive Baldy Peak
11:50 Depart Peak 22.76 Trip Miles
1:35 Passed Copper Canyon Park
2:40 Arrived French Henry
4:34 Depart French Henry
5:17 Arrive Baldy Town
6:40 Depart Baldy Town
7:23 Arrive Ute Meadows
– Commissary hours @ Baldy Town are 8 – 5.  Aztec Mine was closed, missed the rain, got sprinkled on from Baldy to French Henry.  Stars were beautiful last night stood and watched them with Jacob (new best scouting moment!).  At Copper Park ran out of battery for GPS didn’t have spares in daypack.  Have a hotspot developing on left foot, small toe nails on both feet are sore, remember to pack nail clippers next time!  Was kind of stupid running down the shale trail from Baldy Peak to Copper Canyon (GPS clocked me @ 10 mph), glad the kids didn’t try it… glad I didn’t die.

5:38 Late wakeup again
7:25 Leave Ute Meadows
9:40 Arrive Head of Dean (ate 15 minute breakfast on trail somewhere)
2:08 Leave Head of Dean
3:25 Arrive Santa Clause
– Team Building events were very frustrating for me as I watched the boys struggle without my interference and then very rewarding as I watched them come together and overcome.  This is an awesome group of kids, glad to be a part of this, it is something special.

5:00 Wakeup
6:20 Depart Santa Clause
6:48 – saw 7 deer on trail (herd?)
8:45 – Passed Crew 2 @ the Hwy crossing
9:09 Passed Cimmaron River Camp
9:29 Arrived Vista Grande  – Resupplied w/water
10:02 Depart Vista Grande
11:58 Passed the cutoff for Martinez Springs
1:04 Arrived Harlan
5:45 Depart Harlan
6:43 Arrived Martinez Springs  – 17 Mile Day!
– The crew decided to push past Martinez Springs to Harlan to knock out our Service Project early so that it was out of the way.  We cut limbs, hammered rocks and learned about trail work.  Long day, wasn’t happy about doing it, happy about getting it done though!

5:00 Wakeup
6:46 Depart Martinez Springs
7:58 Arrive Harlan
10:34 Depart Harlan – Killed a bunch of Clay Pigeons! (Missed a bunch too!)
12:00 – 12:45 Trail Lunch
1:40 – Arrive Ute Springs
1:55 Depart Ute Springs
2:15 Arrive Ute Gulch Commissary
3:45 Depart Commissary
5:10 Arrive Lower Sawmill

5:00 Wakeup
6:34 Leave Lower Sawmill
6:57 Pass Upper Sawmill
7:49 Arrive Sawmill
10:43 Leave Sawmill
12:20 – 1:12 – Lunch on trail
1:47 Pass Thunder Ridge
3:01 Arrive Cypher’s Mine
– Shot .30-06 learned how to reload rounds – fun!  Shot the heck out of a blue bandanna down range.
– Enjoyed the program @ Cypher’s , wasn’t as special as Pueblano, but sillier!

6:00 Wakeup
7:40 Depart Cypher’s Mine
9:23 Arrive Hunting Lodge
12:19 Depart Hunting Lodge
12:41 Arrive Cimmaroncito
5:35 Depart Cimmaroncito
5:58 Arrive Hunting Lodge
– Scouts decided to day hike to Cimmaroncito to do the climbing program.  They practiced on the indoor gym, then got to climb the cliff face.  MiniBears were everywhere.  Jacob and Anthony saw a bear while hanging up bear bags at Hunting Lodge.

5:00 Wakeup
6:40 Leave Hunting Lodge
7:34 Arrive Clark’s Fork
9:22 Depart Clark’s Fork
9:55 Passed Upper Clarks Fork
10:19 Passed Ponderoasa Park
(40 Minute Trail Lunch)
12:43 Pass Schaefer’s Pass
???  Arrive Tooth Ridge Camp
– Did a bunch of branding at Clark’s Fork.  Found out I’m pretty good with a lasso!  Rained when we got to camp, didn’t go on to Tooth yet.  Had a hard time finding camp, everyone was tired and we kind of expected it to be where it wasn’t.

4:30 Wakeup
5:15 Depart Ridge Camp
5:57 Tooth Peak – Just as the Sun came up!
7:08 Depart Tooth
7:42 Arrived Tooth Ridge Camp
8:16 Departed Camp
10:25 Back @ Base Camp
-GPS said 101 miles when we got back to camp, but with the battery dying and not having it on for some activities like the service project and the side hike, I’m estimating we did close to 110 with packs on.

I want to go back to Philmont
Where the old Rayado flows,
Where the rain comes a seepin’
In the tent where you’re a sleepin’
And the waters say hello.

I want to wake up in the morning
With my socks all wringing wet,
For it brings ‘back fondest memories,
That a Ranger can’t forget.

I want to hike once more the canyon floor
From Scribblins to Old Camp,
With my pack sack a-creakin’,
With my back with sweat a-reekin’,
And my legs beginning to cramp.

I want to hike again with such great men
As made those famous treks,
From Beaubien to Porky
And from Cito to Car-Max.

3 thoughts on “Philmont Log

  1. Greetings, my crew will be doing Trek 33 this July ’13, and it is camp – for – camp the same as your trek as far as Thunder Ridge. Can you tell me what the water source is at Martinez Springs? The trail map gives no indication.
    Yours in Scouting,
    Brock Chalmers, 704-T, 2013

    1. If memory serves, it is a dry camp. From the main trail when you turn off to go to the camp, I believe there is a path that leads to the spring where you can get water, then you have to hump it back to camp. Don’t remember the distance from water source to camp, not tremendously far but not all that convenient either. Sorry I can’t be more specific, that was a very long day with a lot packed in and probably the least memorable thing was the campsite!

  2. The water board at Basecamp listed Martinez Springs as “dry” when we left. So when we arrived at Vista Grande, we tanked up all the water bottles, which got us through dinner at Martinez Springs and on into Harlen the follow morning for shotgun. Martinez Springs turned out to be a pretty string of campsites surrounding a small meadow. We camped on the eastern edge of the meadow with a nearby escarpment that offered fine evening views across the valley to the northereast. I should have sidehiked down to the water source, but never found the time to do so…where does the time go at Philmont?

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