Intro to Leadership Skills – Troop

It’s that time of year again for the troop.  We have elections every March and September and next week the new SPL and Patrol Leaders will be selected and will assemble their staff.  The Advisors and I will be working with the new troop leaders to make sure they understand their specific responsibilities and will help them organize their goals together to create a vision for their term and then… the Youth Leadership Training.

A lot of Scouts and Scouters don’t seem to like the training, I actually am a big fan of the new curriculum and I enjoy teaching it.  This time around we are going to try to get some time booked on the Low COPE course at the local council camp to reinforce some of the team work aspects.

Anyhow, for me when going through the material, the BSA publication seems a bit cumbersome, so I broke it down into sort of an outline / summary. This way I have something that keep me on track and also it allows me to give material to the new SPL so that we can bring the instruction to the other new leaders without overwhelming him with all of the minutiae.   Granted the original was only 59 pages, and the outline is still 12 pages, but it works for me.  Warning though, don’t try to work just off the outline, if you decide to use it, make sure you have a clear understanding of the material prior to the class!
Here’s the outline:  Introduction to Troop Leadership Skills – Troop Outline

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