Tiger Den Leaders have one of the hardest jobs.  Every year we recruit the heck out of these first graders, get them to the orientation night, and then ask the parents – “Who wants to be a leader?”

So we shuttle them from the meeting to Youth Protection, to This is Scouting and Tiger Leader Specific Training.  I also print out for them the Den Meeting Resources and as Cub Master try to help them in the first few meetings, both by contacting them prior to the meeting to ensure that they are ready and by helping to facilitate the first few meetings and set expectations with the parents.

So to start the year off right, each Tiger Den should have it’s own Den Box to get the year started.  This will have most of the consumables they will need for the year (according to the resource guide) and I feel that it is easier to replace as you go rather than purchase in preparation, because the Den Leader will be busy enough without having to think about this.

Tigers Den Box

US Flag

Den Flag

Family Talent Survey Sheets


Pencils & Pencil Sharpener


Markers & Crayons

Hand Sanitizer

(15) Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition Emblems and Beads

(15) Index cards with the Cub Scout Promise printed on one side and Law of the Pack on the other side

(15) Index cards with the Pledge of Allegiance

Large paper or poster board and markers to write den’s code of conduct

Thank You Cards for Go See Its

Scrap Book Kits (Three-ring binder for each boy with three-hole–punched copy or construction paper) (Meeting 1)

Battery Operated Smoke Detector (w/ working battery) (Meeting 3)

(15) Poster Boards (Meeting 3)

Foot Pyramid Kits (“Food Pyramid”  handouts. Go to http://www.mypyramid.gov to check that out or you can create personal pyramids at http://www.mypyramid.gov/mypyramid/index.aspx, tailored to your size, age and activity level, Food Magazines, Grocery Store Advertisements) (Meeting 3)

Map of Deltona

Party Decoration Kit (balloons, dowels or sticks, metal cans, brightly colored paper, small stones or sand) (Meeting 9)

Box of Plastic Cutlery Knives

Plastic bag with 5 Quarters, 5 Dimes, 5 Nickels, 5 Pennies (Meeting 10)

Puppet Materials (Paper Bags, Yarn, Buttons, Fabric Scraps, Bottle Caps, etc) (Meeting 11)

2 Old Telephones

Bingo Game

Tiger’s Den Box

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