Boy Led Training – Decisions Are Best Made at the Lowest Level

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome with new boy leaders is when I try to get them to understand the difference between a leader and a boss.  Many times a boy with “Boss Syndrome” will try to assert his will over the rest of his patrol, but often this particular dysfunction manifests itself when the new leader tries to micromanage everything, trying to answer all of the questions, be there for everyone at all times.

We talk about delegation a lot, and how just having a patch on your arm doesn’t make you a leader, just like not having a patch doesn’t absolve you from leadership, we are all in this together.  Anyhow, here’s the training:

Decisions should be made by the people who are most directly effected by them.  In Scouting that is usually at the Patrol level first and the PLC level second.

Few leaders have all of the answers.  You are probably no exception!  You need input from others – input from those you lead and the adult staff as well.  Don’t be resistant to getting different view points.

When you set your Vision, have the Patrol help you with the Goals.  Brainstorm and determine everything that will need to be done to make the Vision a reality.  Guide your patrol by being clear on what you see the Vision looking like, and don’t be afraid to change your Vision to better fit your Patrol once you start talking with them.

You have a bunch of smart scouts in your Patrol and everyone should have a chance to participate in setting goals.  When they help you figure out how to reach your Vision, it will become theirs as well.  When you set Goals together, your Goals become their Goals.  As you plan and prepare for your goals, the scouts in your patrol will take on responsibility and your team will become stronger.


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