Back from Philmont

So I’m back at sea level again, where you can taste the humidity and feel the weight of the air in your lungs as you breathe in.  I had a tremendous time in Philmont with my son and his crew, I’m sure I’ll have tons to post as I digest the experience.  But initially, I have to say that the Philmont experience was everything that I’ve thought the Boy Scouts was supposed to be over the years, but only have seen glimpses of at the troop level.  It was distilled Boy Led / Patrol Method / Values Driven / Outdoor Adventure that sums up the promise that my boys have clung to since joining as Tigers, delivered.

Philmont Ranger Song

I want to go back to Philmont,
Where the old Rayado flows,
Where the rain comes a seepin’,
In the tent where you’re a sleepin’,
And the waters say hello.

I want to wake up in the morning
With my socks all wringing wet,
For it brings back fondest memories,
That a ranger can’t forget.

I want to hike once more the canyon floor,
From Scribblins to Old Camp,
With my pack sack a-creakin’,
With my back with sweat a-reekin’,
And my legs beginning to cramp.

I want to hike again with such great men
As made those famous treks,
From Beaubien to Porky
And from Cito to Car-Max.

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