Be Prepared… for leaving!

I’m off to Philmont tomorrow. I’ve been working toward this goal for so long, it feels surreal that it is arriving.

I’m a last minute kind of guy, so the last week has been very hectic, but I’m very appreciative for all of the support I’ve received from my troop. I have ASMs stepping in to take care of program, Committee Members stepping up to handle details, our Patrols have activities and service projects while I’m gone…
I’m just grateful that I have this experience. Everything is a whirlwind and is stressful right now, but in the eye of the storm, that little bit of peace that I have, that I’ll be able to reflect on for the next few days is that, most of the time, I put my arms around the troop. Working with the leaders, signing off on things, talking to committee, feeling overwhelmed… and all along, the help has been there, I just had to ask for it.

So, when I get back, will I put my arms around everything again, or can I let the Adult leaders continue to serve without getting in their way? I hope I’m strong enough! Compared to Philmont, this looks like a huge task for me!

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