First Aid Program

We had a pretty awesome Troop Meeting last night.  Summer meetings usually are pretty dull and short as quite a few of our scouts have other commitments, vacation, etc. so it’s hard for Patrol Leaders to plan, execute etc.  This year, we took a lot of the administrative burden off the Patrols for the summer program and we are filing it under the “Explain / Demonstrate” methods of teaching the scouts to have an exciting program.

This month’s theme is First Aid, and we had four options to choose from, the Invisible Patrol elected for Compound Fractures.

We found this site on Realistic Moulage that a troop put up and we (Scoutmasters) bought the supplies and the plan was that the Invisibles would show up a 1/2 hour early, Adults would show them how to make their skin / blood and insert chicken bones to look like they were injured.  The Scouts would then give a quick class on how to dress and treat the wound and then show the rest of the troop how to create the injuries.  But that’s not what happened…

Mike Davy, a local special effects expert was invited to come help us out.  He travels a lot for his work and while he said he’d like to help out, we weren’t really sure what to expect.

Mike created a product line called “Water-Melon” and he brought a ton of appliances called “Open Session”.  He sprayed the scout’s skin with 99% alcohol, applied the wound and used a cotton swab with the alcohol on it to finish touching up the edges.  Then he took a chicken leg bone and with pliers, broke off both ends, one side he left jagged, the other he chipped away at to angle it so the bone could lay flat against the skin and angle away from the arm.  Then he inserted the bone into the wound.  He applied blood paste and “Film Blood” to the wound to dress it up to a kind of nastiness that is usually reserved for movie sets.

It took him about 3 – 4 minutes per scouts to teach them how to do this and to apply this to the Invisibles right arms.  When the rest of the troop showed up, everyone was in formation.  And for the Scout Oath and Law, the Invisibles had signs up, with jagged bones sticking out of their arms, it was beautiful.

All of the other patrols listened intently as the Invisible Patrol leader led the training on how to treat a compound fracture and when he was done, the Invisibles got to work getting the rest of the Patrols outfitted.

The gore was so realistic that some scouts declined to participate, one turned white as a ghost and had to sit down, another had to step away because his stomach was turning and a number of adults had to leave the area.

We will be looking forward to some realistic drills in the future. With how simple this was we could keep the supplies in our backpacks and within a minute have a branch sticking out of our arm.  By the way, at Mike’s website, the wounds are $4each, film blood is $3 and the blood paste is $5 + some alcohol, so for under $20 you can really enhance your program!


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