Summer Camp

I’m getting ready for this year’s Summer Camp.  A week of sun, heat, mosquitoes and first year scouters.  Even though I keep busy trying to make sure the scouts have a great time and keep busy helping out at camp, I always try to set a goal and work towards that as well.  3 years ago I set the goal to finish the mile swim and I did (and have done so the last couple of years as well!)  2 years ago I earned my life guard certification.  Last year I decided to play the harmonica, so spent all week annoying the scouts (I’m still at it and I’m getting better!)  This year, I’ve decided to learn how to blow the conch shell.  I know Baden-Powell was partial to the Kudu, but he was in Africa.  I live in Florida, so figured it would be more appropriate to learn something more local…  it’s always fun being the Scoutmaster that is just a bit off!  Conch shell video



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