Do a Good Turn… Systematically #2

I wrote a little about Service Projects in my post Do A Good Turn… Systematically and noted that I would be searching for training developed by the BSA.  Well, like most training, you really have to search for stuff that they offer in Boy Scouts.  I’ve yet to find a master resource list other than Google and most of the times the areas that I’m looking to understand is buried in other material.

I haven’t found much, but I wanted to keep this thread going as I uncover stuff.

Here’s what I’m building my base of knowledge on:

Scout Handbook –  pg 84 – 85 of the 2010 edition.  Serving on projects are rank requirements for 2nd class, life and star.  Leading a project is an Eagle requirement and are optional to fulfill the leadership position requirements of life and star ranks.
Family Life Planning and Management Lessons – This is an  excerpt from the 2007 Family Life MB Pamphlet sections dealing with Planning and Management.   It’s pretty generic and high level, so I’ll keep looking for info that others have developed for MB classes, but I’ll use this info to form a basis of training for the troop and refer to the processes noted as the Scouts project plan.
Personal Management Time Management and Project Planning Lessons – Same as above but for Personal Management.  This goes into a little more detail and the range of info is broader, but doesn’t go very in depth.
Hornaday Award – These are little known (around here) national awards based on conservation and service projects, the Capital Area Council seems to have taken the ball and run with it.
Journey to Excellence Award – Gives a little planning and some ideas for daily service from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
Hometown USA Award / Keep America Beautiful – another award that scouts can earn, this time in conjunction with  Keep America Beautiful, Inc (KAB) , gives project ideas, but not much training.  KAB also has a program manual for their Great America Cleanup event.  Not really looking for non-BSA project planning guidelines, but since they are partners, will tentatively use it as a resource.
Project Management Institute Once again, not really looking for outside info yet, but these guys are the go to source for project management, and they have an open invitation to their members looking for “Project Management Merit Badge” ideas, trying to put something together for the BSA.

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