Boy Led Training #4 – Fail to Plan and You Plan to Fail

As the new PLC begins to understand the need for having a vision and communicating it to their team and how to create useful goals to support their vision their next biggest need is to understand how to plan.  The method I use to teach the leaders is the “What – How – When – Who” tool.  This is very high level training, we don’t get into the details, but as we go through the planning process of campouts, activities, service projects, etc. we’ll revisit this tool over and over in more detail.  For most scouts this is the first time they see this method of planning, but it will be reinforced as they go to NYLT .  Anyhow, here’s the training:

Big goals can require that lots of things get done. Planning helps you make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and that everything is completed in an efficient way.

Vision is what future success looks like. “If you can see it, you can be it.”

Goals are the means of fulfilling a vision: “Vision is the elephant. Goals are the elephant’s bite-sized pieces”

Planning is a means of efficiently reaching goals.

A simple, effective planning tool is the What, How, When, Who Planning Tool.

Determine WHAT you need to do to accomplish your goal, all of the details.

For Each WHAT, determine HOW you are going to accomplish this step.

Determine WHEN each step needs to happen.

Decide WHO is going to take care of each step.

Once you start adding all of the pieces together, you’ll notice that you will need to add steps that you originally forgot.  Go back and add them in.  Rearrange your plan to put the steps in order if you need to.

Here’s all of the lessons if you are interested: Training for Leaders


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