Wilderness First Aid

I spent the last two days participating in a Wilderness First Aid class.  My oldest son and I are going to Philmont with the Council Contingent in a few months, and the Trek Leader setup the class for us.  The instructor was pretty knowledgeable, but boy oh boy was it dry.  6 hours of material cram packed into 16 hours of class room time.

I’ve noticed that this seems to be the norm with training in our council and I can’t figure out why.  No one joins boy scouts to sit in a room listening to someone drone on about something, even something as important as first aid.  So why not make it more interesting?  Instead of slide shows with text that you read verbatim, why not summarize?  Why not videos and graphics that will get everyone’s attention, with instruction that everyone will remember.

In July the monthly theme for our troop is First Aid, and we’ll touch on a lot of the stuff that I just sat through, but when our instructors start putting their classes together, we’ve elected to use the art of moulage to make it more interesting.  We are going to create wounds, that are bloody, nasty and gross, then we’ll treat them.

Here’s some of the troops that have inspired us:


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