Boy Led Training

One of the things that I really like about scouts is the expectation that the boys become leaders.  It is one of the 8 methods and is tied up in all three of the aims of scouting.  In the few hours a day when I’m not involved in Scouting activities, my career involves me in corporate leadership.  My day is spent planning, developing and leading others.  I have managers that I’m trying to coach to do the same.  I have books and theories from Ken Blanchard and Jim Collins and John Maxwell and more that I share with my team.  Usually these are new concepts for them and we practice making them stick, but what really excites me is that over and over again these 10 – 17 year old scouts are receiving similar leadership training and skills that I never saw growing up.  I had to seek it out or learn it the hard way, and it is part of the scout curriculum, what a great way to get them set for the future!

The new Introduction to Leadership Skills – Troop module is a great introduction and then what is offered in the NYLT curriculum is really first rate.

Our troop meets every Monday night, and the PLC meets after every meeting to discuss the last and next meetings and any action items.  To reinforce the leadership continuum, I pulled from the BSA training and condensed it into a “Leadership Minute” where I offer ongoing training on a weekly basis.  Anyhow, here’s the first draft: Training for Leaders

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