Behavior Issues

So, I agreed a little while back to be the Chartered Org Rep for our Church’s Cub Scout Pack.  I thought…  how hard can it be?  (See the Dancing Monkey Post, this is a little bit of ongoing foolishness on my part!)  I mean, what, the Cub Master and the Committee will deal with any of the behavioral issues, and I’ll just show up and shake hands and encourage the scouts, etc.  No big deal, I mean what’s the worst that could happen?  They are all under the age of 10, right?

I didn’t understand that I’d be dealing with behavioral issues.  I did the online fast start training for Chartered Org Reps.  I went to the position specific training for Chartered Org Reps at Council.  I even went through the supplemental training online at  Still, I had no idea…  I’m constantly dealing with immaturity, selfishness, and name calling.  I had to deal with anger issues and crying.  I’m dealing with rumors and outright lying.  Laziness, willfulness and vulgar language.

Thankfully, I have yet to have to deal with any issues from the scouts themselves.  The parents are hard enough!

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